I am married to Ann, my wife of 20 years. We have been blessed with five children. Our family has lived in Littleton for 14 years, and we enjoy all of what Colorado offers, including skiing in the winter and hiking during the summers. My children love team sports at their schools, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming and gymnastics. Our oldest daughter Mary attends Heritage High School and is a five time Colorado State Champion in swimming and was the Continental League Swimmer of the Year in 2023.

Emergency Medicine is my profession. I earned my undergraduate degree in Biology at Whittier College in Los Angeles and my medical degree at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. I trained in Emergency Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago and went on to become the Director of two emergency departments in Chicago. I earned an MBA at the University of Illinois at Chicago. For nearly a decade I worked for Sound Physicians, a healthcare services organization, where I served as a Regional Chief Medical Officer and Chief Development Officer. I will bring a medical, business and educational perspective to the School Board if elected.

Our family loves the Littleton community, and we hope to remain here throughout our lives. We hope our children will one day settle here and build their own families. My desire is to see our Littleton community flourish and strengthen in the future. A critical part of this strength will come from maintaining healthy and strong schools. If elected to the Littleton School Board, I will focus all my efforts on the core mission of educating children to become critical thinkers and future leaders in our country.

My profession is Emergency Medicine. As a physician, I treat patients suffering from traumatic injuries, heart attacks, pediatric emergencies and every other imaginable medical concern. I care for patients when they are in their most distressed and vulnerable moments. It is an immensely satisfying and humbling profession.

An ever-increasing number of patients seek care in emergency departments for treatment of their mental health emergencies. I see firsthand the effects of depression, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse upon patients and their families. I work collaboratively with a team of psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers, and mental health counsellors to evaluate patients, coordinate resources and support systems, and treat patients effectively.

The mental health scourge in our country affects everyone. If elected to the Littleton School Board, I will bring my mental health treatment experience and understanding to our schools. I will work to identify and implement strategies to prevent and treat depression and suicides in our schools.

I am passionate about education as the path towards critical and independent thinking. Education is the way in which our children reach their highest potential in life. Throughout my journey in medicine, I have always found ways to express my love for teaching – from high school and college students, to Taiwanese elementary school students, to medical professionals.

As a college student, I brought my love of teaching to both high school and college students as a tutor. I attended Whittier College as an undergraduate and served as the Director of the Whittier College Tutorial Service for 3 years. Through this program I tutored local high school students and Whittier College undergraduate students in a variety of subjects including Algebra, Geometry, English and Spanish. As the Director of the program, I assessed the skills of new and existing tutors, ensured that they were delivering high quality service to the students, and matched tutoring capabilities with the needs of students seeking assistance. I valued my work as a tutor during those college years. It has always been immensely satisfying to work intimately with students, develop their trust, understand their thinking, and share in their joy as they improve and progress in their study.

During a 4 month summer while at Vanderbilt University Medical School I took my passion for teaching to Taiwan, where I worked with local teachers to teach English to elementary-aged children in the classroom setting. That summer was one of the most memorable of my life. It was an absolute delight to experience the joy and beauty of the young children that I taught there, their contagious laughter and their bright-eyed enthusiasm. That experience certainly helped me understand the satisfaction that our teachers must experience in their profession. If elected as a Board member, I will very much look forward to participating in the classroom setting again, and rekindling that enthusiasm that I experienced with my Taiwanese students.

I trained and specialized in Emergency Medicine in Chicago, and after that training practiced in a local community hospital. After 6 years of practice, I felt called to teach and was recruited as an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. As a teaching professor, I taught both medical students and young Emergency Medicine physicians in both the classroom and emergency room setting. For 8 years I educated future physicians, and was gratified to watch these young physicians progress in their learning and skills, to ultimately graduate as fully developed Emergency Medicine physicians.

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